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Selecting a Zodiac™. In just a few clicks you can select the Zodiac™ which suits you best, based on its technical characteristics, its facilities and your planned use for it.

  • Models type

  • Structure

  • Size

  • Capacity

  • Motor power

Classic Mark I Alu

Classic Mark I Solid

Classic Mark II Alu

Classic Mark II C Alu

Classic Mark II C Solid

Classic Mark II Solid

Futura Mark II Alu

Futura Mark II C Alu

Futura Mark II C FR

Futura Mark II FR

Futura Mark III Alu

Futura Mark III FR

Medline 500

Medline 540

Medline 660

Medline 740

Medline 850

N-Zo 600

N-Zo 680

N-Zo 700 Cabin

N-Zo 760

Pro Classic 420

Pro Classic 500

Pro Classic 550

Pro Classic 650

Pro Classic 750

Pro Classic 850

Pro Open 550

Pro Open 650

Pro Racing 500

Pro Racing 550

Pro Touring 500

Pro Touring 550

Zoom SP 350 Alu

Zoom SP 400 Alu

Zoom SP 450 Alu

  • * optional on certain models
  • ** in C category
  • *** Maximum power allowed